Lovin’ the Naked Juice!


Have you ever eaten something so sweet that you feel awful afterward?  I get that with birthday cake that has lots of icing.  But a few days ago I chose Naked Juice as a meal and actually got an energized and uplifted, alert feeling!  I got a feeling of–wellness!  Amazing because I didn’t expect it.  This Naked Juice, called Blue Machine, has apple juice, banana puree, blueberry puree, and berries, among other things.  I highly recommend this as a vegan snack or meal!  Vegan made easy.

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Good Advice from “Living Vegan”

I found a great site called Living Vegan explaining how to “go vegan”.  Today I’m trying the baby steps or “gradual shift” back to vegan.  I made beef enhiladas for H. and cheese enchiladas for me.  Which… aren’t vegan.  But they are vegetarian.  I have some other baby steps you can try out:   fix several vegetables along with your family’s meat options so that you can just eat the veggies and keep hummus in the refrigerator at all times.

However, Dreamy, who writes for Living Vegan, says that the best way to go vegan is to be grounded in a good philosophical reason behind the decision.  The top three for veganism are:  for animals, for the planet, and for our own health.

Here’s to baby steps today!

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Back to Vegan

I’ve been a vegetarian and I’ve been a vegan (and I’ve been an omnivore, too.)  For me, being a vegan is about more than food–it’s about taking control of my life.  It’s about conscious decision making in every area of my life, and claiming the power to live the life I envision.

Going back to vegan isn’t easy.  It will require me to slow my pace and maintain my boundaries.  It will require that I make a stand for my identity and who I am.  Isn’t that what two year olds do when they start saying, “No!” to certain foods?  Isn’t that what we all do?

Deciding what I do and do not want to eat is a great first step to defining a life for myself.

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